Most people love the summer. Unfortunately, one thing people hate about this season is the high electric bills. Luckily, a homeowner can use less energy and stay comfortable in their home. Here are three ways to cool down while using less energy.

Fans: When using fans, a household can stay comfortable without running the air conditioner. Ideally, the family should buy three or four fans and use them in every bedroom.

Windows: To spend less on energy, one should keep the house cooler. One way to keep the house cooler is to keep (more…)

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Droughts are periods of time when an area doesn’t receive an appreciable amount of rainfall. This is, of course, subjective. A drought for some areas is a minimal amount of rain compared to their yearly averages. In others, it means there isn’t any water at all. In the Chilean desert, parts have been without water for 400 years, or more.
Droughts are devastating times for people and the local economy. And this comes in a myriad of forms. One such one is a decrease in agricultural production due (more…)

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The market for energy efficient light bulbs is practically exploding. A number of different companies are levying claims that theirs is the more efficient bulb and that their competitors are really just meandering around technicalities and selective wording. This poses a problem for people who are trying to become energy conscious. How do they determine which bulb brands are truly the most efficient?
It can start by first identifying what bulb they produce. CFL’s (compact fluorescent lights) are considered the most efficient brand of light bulbs outside of LED’s (light-emitting diodes).You can find (more…)

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Fluorescent bulbs are becoming more and more common as incandescent bulbs are being phased out. Fluorescent bulbs produce light by use of mercury in the gas, which creates a chemical reaction. Incandescent bulbs create light as a reaction to heat.

We’re going to cover all the major advantages of fluorescent bulbs and also consider the disadvantages.



  • Fluorescent lighting uses approximately 66 less electricity than incandescent.
  • Fluorescent lighting lasts longer. On the average, a fluorescent bulb will last six times longer than a traditional light bulb.
  • < (more…)

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If you are looking for some ways to cut down on energy use throughout your home as a way of saving money and living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, the you may want to begin by assessing and breaking your bad habits when it comes to energy use. After all, just about everybody has a few bad habits that they could make an effort to break as a way of making a significant difference in their (more…)

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